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New Quad Crazy Orange Bread Music

Hey Texas Drums! For all the quads, here is the new part to Crazy Orange Bread. It has all the changes written in. Pay close attention to the dynamic markings (see the Texas Drums Handbook for heights). Thanks and I hope to see everyone at our last summer clinic tomorrow! -Alec

New Tenor Music

I hope everyone is having a great summer! For anyone new and old auditioning on quads, all list of all the music changes can be found here. Everyone should mark these changes in their music. A new part for Crazy Orange Bread with all the changes will be posted here soon. Thanks and good luck practicing! -Alec

New Year, New Line!

Congrats to the 2014-2015 University of Texas Drumline! Hook 'em!

Audition Information

Audition information has moved to a new page! You can find info on how to audition for Texas Drums at this link.

2014 Summer Clinic Dates Announced

The Texas Drums 2014 Clinic dates have been announced:

- June 7
- July 5
- July 19

Happy drumming.

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